stacey & adam's royal wedding!

if you didn't know, i LOVE weddings {if you didn't know then you also didn't read my last blog post. shame on you}. and i really love to be in weddings. i love how the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family come together to celebrate and support this couple you all love. i love that you all spend a whole weekend together and become best friends!

this past weekend, i got to be a maid of honor for one of my oldest and best friends. and let me tell you, being a MOH is a lot of work. 

*make sure you don't drop the groom's ring... don't forget to hold the bride's bouquet... sign the marriage license... don't lose the marriage license... fix the bride's bustle... fix the bride's bustle again... make a toast at the reception... keep the bride happy at all times*

but it was so much fun and i'm glad i got to be that person for my dear friend stacey
{maybe minus the make a toast at the reception part}

as expected, stacey was a beautiful bride.
adam wasn't too bad himself.

here are a few of my favorite pictures from their day.

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