happy royal wedding week , mates!

i feel like everyone i know is split on whether they are excited about the royal wedding or not. i hope you are on the side of being exciting like i am! i mean, i've been to england twice and my mom was born there. i'm practically a citizen. i'm practically heir to the throne. i'm practically one of kate's bridesmaids!  i've always loved weddings and throw in an actually prince and soon-to-be princess {sigh}  

i will watch anything related to the royal wedding which is quite convenient for me because there is a lot of material out there.  almost every station has a documentary, the today show does a royal wedding segment every morning (which i love to watch while i'm getting ready for work), there's even a william & kate lifetime movie! i haven't been able to watch it yet but i'm sure it's destined to be a classic.  a classic lifetime movie, that is.  i hope everyone enjoys royal wedding week (and no, i will not be up at 4am to watch the events unfold... that's what dvr is for).


(wow, i'm so british)

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