lunch break

i love that i live close to work now and can come home for lunch.  there's not much better than a little mindless tv to break up the work day.  on today's schedule, khloe & lamar (if you don't know about them then i am a little sad for you).

i'm also anticipating the arrival of a package in the mail this week.  i love online shopping because you not only get the joy of buying something new but you get the excitement of coming home each day hoping your mail has arrived. i'm like a kid at christmas (or just me at christmas).  come on fedex!!


  1. umm i haven't been able to watch khloe and lamar yet! i'm sure its amazing as i adore them both :)

  2. i LOVEEEE KHLOE AND LAMAR!!!!! my friends here dont but i make them watch it w/ me....the trick is wine! hunny anyone will watch anything w/ wine! ja!