my perfect cup of coffee

a couple of months ago i was in costa rica and came home with lots of delicious costa rican coffee. and i mean a lot. like we weren't sure if my mother would make it through customs because of the amount of coffee she had in her suitcase. but she did and now i get to enjoy that coffee every morning.

oh how i will miss this coffee when it is gone!

i love my one cup coffee maker.

i don't know the official name but it makes the best coffee in a jiffy!

my favorite coffee in my new favorite mug i got while at the masters this year.

now THAT is a reason to get out of bed in the morning

i'mma let you finish

so it has been reported that kanye west has been invited to the royal wedding- take a moment to pause and say huh?

can't you just see kanye jumping up in westminster abbey and yelling, "yo, kate, i'mma let you finish, but diana's was the best royal wedding of all time."

seriously, that made me laugh.

i can't take credit though, this was from an article at eonline.


"dance the night away live your life and stay out on the floor"

if J.Lo wrote the song "on the floor" for anyone, it was definitely for this wedding party!  there wasn't much of the weekend that everyone {yes... everyone} wasn't shaking it on the dance floor.  there were so many amazing dancing pictures captured. 

here are the best of the best from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding:

 one of the groomsmen and his new favorite dance partner, the bride's aunt

 i was about 2 seconds too late on this but he definitely broke out a split!

 sorry everyone but i think she officially has a copyright on this move

stacey & adam's royal wedding!

if you didn't know, i LOVE weddings {if you didn't know then you also didn't read my last blog post. shame on you}. and i really love to be in weddings. i love how the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family come together to celebrate and support this couple you all love. i love that you all spend a whole weekend together and become best friends!

this past weekend, i got to be a maid of honor for one of my oldest and best friends. and let me tell you, being a MOH is a lot of work. 

*make sure you don't drop the groom's ring... don't forget to hold the bride's bouquet... sign the marriage license... don't lose the marriage license... fix the bride's bustle... fix the bride's bustle again... make a toast at the reception... keep the bride happy at all times*

but it was so much fun and i'm glad i got to be that person for my dear friend stacey
{maybe minus the make a toast at the reception part}

as expected, stacey was a beautiful bride.
adam wasn't too bad himself.

here are a few of my favorite pictures from their day.


happy royal wedding week , mates!

i feel like everyone i know is split on whether they are excited about the royal wedding or not. i hope you are on the side of being exciting like i am! i mean, i've been to england twice and my mom was born there. i'm practically a citizen. i'm practically heir to the throne. i'm practically one of kate's bridesmaids!  i've always loved weddings and throw in an actually prince and soon-to-be princess {sigh}  

i will watch anything related to the royal wedding which is quite convenient for me because there is a lot of material out there.  almost every station has a documentary, the today show does a royal wedding segment every morning (which i love to watch while i'm getting ready for work), there's even a william & kate lifetime movie! i haven't been able to watch it yet but i'm sure it's destined to be a classic.  a classic lifetime movie, that is.  i hope everyone enjoys royal wedding week (and no, i will not be up at 4am to watch the events unfold... that's what dvr is for).


(wow, i'm so british)


tuesday toasts

here's to the things that made me happy today:

fedex. i have been obsessively (and i do mean obsessively) tracking a package and it finally arrived today!

new running shorts or as they would be better named "running errands shorts"

paula who has become quite the sports fanatic (sometimes...kinda) and i love that she comes to me to talk sports (or really just tailgating)

running errands with one of my best friends to get ready for her wedding this weekend and laughing about nothing at all

law & order: svu. i might have nightmares and not be able to sleep well tonight but you are more than worth it

the weather. enough said

my new camera (hence the obsessive fedex tracking). i have only known you a few hours but you have already filled my heart with so much love and joy



lunch break

i love that i live close to work now and can come home for lunch.  there's not much better than a little mindless tv to break up the work day.  on today's schedule, khloe & lamar (if you don't know about them then i am a little sad for you).

i'm also anticipating the arrival of a package in the mail this week.  i love online shopping because you not only get the joy of buying something new but you get the excitement of coming home each day hoping your mail has arrived. i'm like a kid at christmas (or just me at christmas).  come on fedex!!


happy birthday, jessica (again)!

the birthday train continued to roll through this weekend for the sister-in-law.  brunch, presents, and then the durham bulls baseball game with a great group of friends!  a day filled with tornadoes turned in to quite a nice evening at the baseball game.  it was even more special that our friend amanda and her sweet little boy, sawyer, drove in from greensboro.  sawyer turned out to be the life of the party...

sawyer on the playground... being forced to go down the slide.
he LOVED it after we gave him a little (ok, maybe a big) push.


"sawyer, say cheese"

in case you missed that face. he is saying "cheeeeese." (my absolute favorite picture)

                          hit bull. win steak.                                                    sister-in-law and brother

the emilys! there always has to be an emily picture.

the whole gang



i am lovin' bloglovin'.

you can follow all your favorite blogs, keep them neatly organized, and search for new favorites.

just one more way to make my life a little simpler.

and you can get a phone app. oh my!

i'm so glad i finally found you.

{now if you could just clean my room and do my laundry}

let me see that sushi roll

in honor of my sister-in-law's birthday today, the other emily and i decided to surprise her with a homemade sushi dinner.  you wouldn't think that making the birthday girl cook her own birthday dinner would be the best idea but it was so much fun!  i've never eaten sushi before (raw fish, no thank you) so making and eating it in the same night was a big step for me.  it turned out to be pretty easy (after a few practice rounds) and i would definitely suggest giving it a try!

ready for our sushi party!

"Ni Hao Jessica!"

the right amount of rice is key

the birthday girl 

crab, avocado, cucumber... perfect california roll

working hard to get the perfect roll

our finished product... not the best presentation but oh so good!

and the night ended as all great nights should...
with the most delicious chocolate molten cake from chili's

30 seconds later...