lions and tigers and bears- oh my!

okay so not really the lions and tigers part but definitely bears! yesterday i took jenni's boys, joshua and caleb, to the museum of life and science in durham... and not the cool part of durham but the very sketchy part of durham {but i kinda like that}. i could do without the snakes and lemurs and the wolves decided to hide from us but my oh my did the bears love us!
cutest little train conductors
 goodness, how cute are these guys? and caleb and joshua too:)
i promise, this bear saw me get my camera out and smiled at me.
the boys were such troopers with the heat and all the walking. and so was I! especially when joshua asked to be carried- and how can you say no to that cute little face? we were all worn out and joshua fell asleep before we even got back on the highway. lucky kid!


weekend wrap-up

i was so lucky to get to spend this past weekend at windy gap! i was originally headed to the beach to help with young life leader's weekend but hurricane irene sent us to windy gap. the weather was perfect! cool in the morning and at night, 80 degrees during the day, and mostly sunny the whole weekend. 

seriously, what a gorgeous place!
it was an awesome weekend and i can't wait to go back in two weeks.


movie trailers

i love movie trailers! they get you excited to see a movie and only give you enough info that you are yet to be disappointed. and they always build up the anticipation for the movie with a great background song!
i recently saw a few trailers for movies coming out 
in the next year that i will be seeing.

super girly. super sappy. super cute? looks like it could be a winner!  

this is pretty much the exact same move as valentine's day that came out last year. filled with every celebrity in hollywood. so many story lines you can't keep up. major disappointment. yet, i will still probably see it.

i am super excited about this movie!
it meets pretty much all of my requirements for the perfect movie: 
some sort of violence. real dramatic. based on a true story. and gerard butler.
i also am loving the song in the trailer: revival by soulsavers.

can't wait to see what other movies are coming out later this year or next year!


so long, farewell

i know i've been blogging about this girl but she decided to turn 25 and move across the country all within a few weeks!  i hung out with alli the night before she left and did what we do best: sat around eating dessert and laughing about anything and everything!  it still doesn't feel like she's really going to be gone for a year.  I'm so used to hanging out with her almost every day but I've been busy lately that it hasn't hit me quite yet.  I can't wait to head out west for a visit!

 super sad that alli is leaving!


a little late

but here are the pictures from the going away party we had for allison a few weeks back.  it was a great time and there was so much delicious food that i could barely move i was so full!  
 dark chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon icing from the cupcake bar. mmmmm!

lots of hugging!
 and my favorite picture of the night:
putting allison in a headlock.
just like old times!


L.A. or bust

3 of my friends are currently on a road trip from raleigh to L.A. (via new orleans which still doesn't make sense to me).  check out their adventures here.  I'm still pretty upset that I'm not on this trip but I am enjoying the blog updates.  I'm also pretty upset that they are leaving Allison in L.A. for a whole year! 
miss you already, allicat!


the help

if you haven't read or seen the help yet, go read/see it NOW!



i took a little unintentional hiatus from the blog world but, wait for it.... I'M BACK!

a couple of weeks ago, kyle and megan made the trip from asheville to visit.  it was so fun to get to hang out with them and it reminded me how much i want them to move back to raleigh {seriously, when are y'all going to make that happen?}.  miss you megs & kyle!

this picture is hilarious!