movie trailers

i love movie trailers! they get you excited to see a movie and only give you enough info that you are yet to be disappointed. and they always build up the anticipation for the movie with a great background song!
i recently saw a few trailers for movies coming out 
in the next year that i will be seeing.

super girly. super sappy. super cute? looks like it could be a winner!  

this is pretty much the exact same move as valentine's day that came out last year. filled with every celebrity in hollywood. so many story lines you can't keep up. major disappointment. yet, i will still probably see it.

i am super excited about this movie!
it meets pretty much all of my requirements for the perfect movie: 
some sort of violence. real dramatic. based on a true story. and gerard butler.
i also am loving the song in the trailer: revival by soulsavers.

can't wait to see what other movies are coming out later this year or next year!

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  1. uuhhh can i please marry gerard butler? or the man that he is playing in this movie (obviously only if he is as hot while he does it in real life as gerard is in the movie) Is that too much to ask?!