lions and tigers and bears- oh my!

okay so not really the lions and tigers part but definitely bears! yesterday i took jenni's boys, joshua and caleb, to the museum of life and science in durham... and not the cool part of durham but the very sketchy part of durham {but i kinda like that}. i could do without the snakes and lemurs and the wolves decided to hide from us but my oh my did the bears love us!
cutest little train conductors
 goodness, how cute are these guys? and caleb and joshua too:)
i promise, this bear saw me get my camera out and smiled at me.
the boys were such troopers with the heat and all the walking. and so was I! especially when joshua asked to be carried- and how can you say no to that cute little face? we were all worn out and joshua fell asleep before we even got back on the highway. lucky kid!

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