visiting dana and the kiddos

on saturday i took the trek from cary to greensboro to visit my friend (and young life leader) dana and her hilarious, rambunctious, and precious kids-- 3 year old holland and 1 year old hudson.  it was great to catch up with dana and love on the kids.  hopefully we won't wait too long before we hang out again!
 the best picture we could get of the kids and me.  not too bad for a 3 year old and 1 year old!  of course, we couldn't get a picture of dana and me since we were trying to keep up with these two!


mrs. kelly comes to town!

one of the best parts of this month was my friend jessi coming back to raleigh for a visit!  it had been way way too long since seeing each other.  this girl makes me laugh.  a lot.  i hate that we don't get to spend every day together quoting our favorite shows, being silly, and just having fun no matter where we are or what we're doing.  but i love that when we are back together, it's just like the good ol' days and nothing's changed.  
jessi, please please please come back soon!


my friend eva

my friend eva got married this past weekend.  she is the kindest person i know and i am so happy for her knew life with jay.  what a lucky man he is to get to marry eva!  they had a beautiful wedding and she was a stunning bride {not that that surprised me one bit}.  it was such a fun night and i'm so glad i could be there for it! congrats mr. and mrs. cook!


photos from nags head

how lucky am i that i got to spend memorial day at the beach with some of my best friends?! we had so much fun and laughed more than most people probably ever do.
i love these girls. i love the beach. i love three day weekends.