happy birthday, jessica (again)!

the birthday train continued to roll through this weekend for the sister-in-law.  brunch, presents, and then the durham bulls baseball game with a great group of friends!  a day filled with tornadoes turned in to quite a nice evening at the baseball game.  it was even more special that our friend amanda and her sweet little boy, sawyer, drove in from greensboro.  sawyer turned out to be the life of the party...

sawyer on the playground... being forced to go down the slide.
he LOVED it after we gave him a little (ok, maybe a big) push.


"sawyer, say cheese"

in case you missed that face. he is saying "cheeeeese." (my absolute favorite picture)

                          hit bull. win steak.                                                    sister-in-law and brother

the emilys! there always has to be an emily picture.

the whole gang


  1. em!

    welcome to the blogging world, friend! hopefully i'll get to see you soon--we will be in raleigh later this week and stay for a couple months :)

  2. Love the blog Em! aaw the pictures make me want to visit real bad.

    Miss you!

  3. Oh and me signing my name Em was a typo...guess I got myself confused with you..ha..*Zanie*

  4. libby- i'm so glad you will be here soon. i can't wait to hang out!

    zanie- sorry to confuse you with my name:) please come visit soon! i also want to plan a trip your way!!