vintage jewelry

i am a huge fan of vintage jewelry. lucky for me, my grandmother has some amazing jewelry that she loves to give me. i think she's pretty much given me all of her vintage jewelry {don't worry, she never wears it and prefers to buy new jewelry}. i actually wear what she gives me so i'm sure she loves knowing how much i enjoy and wear these jewels! most of this stuff is from my grandmother but also my great aunts {and one ring from my sister-in-law's aunt which i borrowed-- sorry, jessica, i'll return it someday}

these are some of my favorite pieces:
 this is my favorite ring. yep, there are 19 diamonds on there. sigh...

 this was my great grandmother's wedding band

my great grandmother's locket. i can't remember if the picture inside is of her or her parents but either way, it's really old and so beautiful!


  1. Forgot about that ring...glad you can make more use out of it!!

  2. any time you get tired of them you can send them my way :)

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