kale chips

kale is one of the best leafy greens for you.  WebMD listed it as it's #1 leafy green. way to go, kale! but how do you incorporate this green in to your diet? it doesn't have quite the same appeal as spinach in a salad. kale chips are one of my new favorite snacks {and so easy to make}. 

preheat oven to 425.
tear kale into bite size pieces-- they will become about half the size once baked, so keep this in mind.       
spray pan and kale with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt, parmesan, or your favorite seasoning.
bake for 4-5 minutes-- until crispy but still green
if these last long enough to be stored, keep in tupperware but don't cover-- they will stay crispy if they are uncovered.

i suggest making at least 2 pans because they will go quick!

stay tuned for a no sugar, no fat, all delicious and "healthy enough to eat for breakfast" apple crisp recipe. it will change your life.

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