something borrowed, something blue

a while back i read the book something borrowed and it's sequel, something blue. i love these books! they are best read during the summer while lying on the beach. and let me tell you, when i heard they were making the first book in to a movie, i couldn't wait!
{i still don't know if there are plans to make the sequel- it's only my prayer every night} 

the movie did not disappoint. it was hilarious-- even better than expected. the cast was great {you really can't go wrong with john krasinski}. i've already seen it twice and it's only been out a week. i highly suggest seeing the movie AND reading the books {the 2nd one was my favorite}.
if you don't like it, don't let me know.

ps. if you like these books, you should definitely read the shopaholic series.
they are super cute books and great summer reads!

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