royal wedding top 5

oh what a royal wedding day it was! it was even better than i expected. i could watch the events unfold over and over (and i kinda have). there were so so so many things i loved about prince william and kate's (excuse me, princess catherine- lucky girl!) wedding but here are my top 5:

{drum roll please}

5. pippa's dress. she certainly tried to outshine the bride but really, how can you outshine a princess and future queen of england? pippa looked good. prince harry, you should really dump chelsy for pippa. it would be such an upgrade!

chelsy davy- harry's on-again off-again girlfriend.
oh, honey. oh no.
4. the fascinators (what brits call their hats). they really are quite fascinating! some were awesome, some were hideous, some were so ridiculous that they were awesome. 
3. prince harry. you can always count on the spare to add a little comic relief to any event. when kate was walking down the aisle, i loved that he kept turning around to sneak peaks of her (will and harry were not facing kate as she walked down the aisle). he kept saying little things to will and they would giggle. so cute! 
2. THE dress. kate's dress. it was absolutely beautiful and just the right amount of lace and train and fullness to the skirt. it could not have been more perfect. it really highlighted how beautiful kate is. and kate even did her own makeup. like we needed another reason to love her!

kate changed in to an evening dress for the party (actually, parties) and wore an amazing dress once again
 1. the way kate and will looked at each other. they exuded happiness! they would glance at each other and smile and laugh. what a pair they make! when kate arrived by will's side he looked at her and said, "you look beautiful" and then said, "and we were supposed to have a small family affair." watching their wedding made me love them even more!

who wants to take a trip to england to find prince harry??


  1. if anyone could make me appreciate all this hoopla even just a little bit it would be you! she did look beautiful. good job em..you have done your good deed for the day

  2. Growing up in England, I always had a little crush on the cheekier Prince Harry. Now it's only intensifying ;) x