"it never rains in southern california"

nope. not true. it might be a popular 70's song but it's a lie because it poured all day on day 3 of the trip. despite the cold and rain, we still tried to power on and enjoy the day. we hit up pasadena and shopped in old town. it was a really cute outdoor shopping area that would have been much more fun without the downpour. the city hall in pasadena is the building used for filming the city hall on the show Parks & Rec. so of course we had to see it. another sites in pasadena: the rose bowl and the original trader joe's! after spending the afternoon in pasadena, we headed back to long beach but first made a very important stop at sprinkles cupcakes for the most delicious cupcake one has ever eaten! so delicious that this was not the last time we'd be visiting sprinkles on this trip. it was definitely worth the long wait outside to get to one of these cupcakes. since we were right by rodeo drive, we took a little stroll to see the expensive stores and beautiful decorations. as we headed home, we drove through compton, notorious for gang violence and crime and often the setting of one of my favorite crime dramas, southland. i just had to check out this town. it was after dark and the streets were surprisingly empty. probably due to a curfew for the residence. what a difference it was from beverly hills to compton; only about 20 miles apart. despite the rain, we had a really fun day!
 pasadena city hall aka pawnee city hall

 rainy shopping in pasadena

 best cupcake ever!

 rodeo drive


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