the golden state

so i'm finally getting around to posting about my trip to sunny california! 
for a more in depth summary of the trip, read this.

i arrived late on thursday after a miserable flight from the east coast. is it just me or have airplanes gotten smaller and more uncomfortable and people more annoying? and add on having a cold! let's just say the lady next to me thought i was an emotional wreck because the change in altitude caused lots of pain in my head and my tear ducts to flow. but a mere 72 hours (ok it was more like 6), i made it to LAX! unfortunately, didn't see a single celeb. i was really looking hard, though. i guess flying coach on a commercial airline isn't the best place to see a celeb. 

on friday, allison had to work and paula didn't fly in until the afternoon so i had some time to explore long beach. about an hour later, i had explored long beach and was ready to move on to the big city! in long beach, i drove around downtown, checked out a farmer's market, and snuck on to the queen mary... then it kinda freaked me out being enclosed in that huge boat so i snuck back out- props to jack and rose!
that night, we headed to one of the other intern houses (aka allison's friend's house) for one of their birthdays. this house is in hollywood so we got our first taste of the big time! i also found out later that brandon (the birthday boy) is some sort of cousin (first, second, distant... i'm not sure) of kris humphries (kim k's ex-hubby). he was even at their wedding. whattttt! now, let me make clear that i do not like kim k or kris h but STILL! how could someone not tell me information like this?? allison just happened to forget but i think she was saving herself from the embarrassment of me asking him a million questions. which i would have done and i would have not been one bit embarrassed. if you couldn't tell, i'm still pretty upset that i didn't get to talk to him about it.
1 day down, 5 to go so stay tuned for more!

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