"we got more bounce in california, we like to party all the time"

day 2 in cali was a really beautiful day! the sun was shining, weather was perfect, and there were so many sites to see! we headed up the 405 and stopped in santa monica. our very first stop was for paula. apparently there is some show on mtv about a big girl who works at a clothing store. paula loving a show about fat people. shocker! so we made our way to the store where this girl works. sadly, we didn't see her but paula got a picture so i'd say it was a success!
next we stopped at the santa monica pier where i dipped my toes in the pacific ocean for the first time ever! it couldn't have been more beautiful. beach. mountains. ferris wheel. constant texts about the wolfpack beating clemson. awesome! we sat on the beach for a while enjoying the sites (aka people watching).
once we were done lounging on the beach, we drove through beverly hills and hollywood to go to the griffith observatory. we made it just in time to see the sunset and what a site it was!

after looking out over LA, we checked in to a hotel right in the middle of hollywood. one of allison's friends got us an amazing deal at a marriott so we stayed there saturday night so we wouldn't have to make the drive back to long beach. we found (after a lot of wandering around) a restaurant for dinner and enjoyed hollywood at night!
it really was a perfect LA day.
more pictures from the day...

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