it's been over a month since my last post and i didn't even finish blogging about my trip to cali. oh my! i guess it's been a busy start to 2012. so i'll just pick up where i left off...

my final day in california was one of the best! my flight left at 11pm which was nice since i had the full day to enjoy (it was not nice because taking the red eye back east is quite miserable). we started by visiting venice beach. since it was a wednesday morning, it wasn't as crowded as we expected. we rented bikes and rode from venice beach to the santa monica pier. they are only about 2-3 miles apart so we were actually surprised when we saw the santa monica pier. we rode bikes for awhile and then stopped for lunch at a cafe right on the beach. it was perfect. beach. sun. food. christmas music! i can't think of anything better. we walked around the beach and shops and then discovered that there are canals in venice beach. who knew they actually named it venice for a reason! we walked away from the beach to find the canals and they were super cute!
after spending most of the day in venice beach, we headed to downtown LA for sushi. we had dinner and then explored downtown. we saw the staples center where katy perry was in concert at that very moment (sad we missed out on that... not). we came upon occupy LA and decided we needed to get out and get a closer look. there were so many people and it was cool to see this famous movement!
soon our time came to an end and i had to get to the airport.
 thanks for the memories, LA! i had a blast and hope to see you again soon!

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  1. come back and we can do it all again! LA misses you...and I guess I do too, a little.