into the great wide open, under them skies of blue

LA gave us another beautiful, sunny day for day 5! allison had to work so coco and i headed out with a list of things to do for the day. on the top of the list was hiking up near the hollywood sign. the most adventurous part of the hike was finding the trail. it took us a long time, a few wrong turns, lots of u-turns, and a few near accidents but we made it. {barely}. surprisingly, there is very little information about where this trail starts. it was less hike and more walk up a dirt road but it did offer great views of LA, the ocean, and of course, the hollywood sign! i'm sure we could have hiked even closer to the sign but we had other things we needed to get done {like another trip to sprinkles cupcakes}. we headed back to beverly hills for lunch, cupcakes, and a drive through the hills to see the amazing houses. and i needed to have one celeb stalker moment. i found an address that was allegedly kim kardashian's {pause for a moment to judge me} and turns out, it really is her house! i know, i know, kim k is on the bottom of the "celebs i'd like to see" list BUT it really was her house and i'm convinced we passed her driving down the road. {also tom hanks, according to co}. that night, i took co to see the sites in hollywood then we headed back to long beach to rest up in preparation for my final day in cali!
 kim k's house

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